A fine pub quiz fact is that William Shakespeare and Cervantes both died on April 23rd, albeit in different years. But this coincidence, as well as others, eventually set the stage for World Book Day to be created back in 1995 by UNESCO on April 23rd or, in non-US calendars, 23-4.

Catalans were a bit ahead of the curve there and publishers established this date as a day to exchange books and roses between loved ones back in 1926–essentially a better read and less chocolate-y version of Valentine’s Day. If you’re ever in Barcelona, or even Catalunya at large, la Diada de Sant Jordi is a spectacular day to behold–at least when pandemics aren’t running rampant.

But, this makes today the perfect occasion to compile a list of all the wine book reviews on this site which will be added to as new reviews are published.

If you have a work you’ve released whether via a big publisher or self-publishing, in paper or digital, please send it to me and I’ll be happy to read it and review it here. I’ll warn that it does take me a bit of time as, while I review wines on this site blind, all the books I thoroughly read. I mention this as I’ve discovered that many websites well, don’t!

These are all listed alphabetically. Full reviews (including scores!) are but one click away.

Beyond Flavour

Non-Fiction. An intense, high-level approach to how we think about tasting wines blind.

Beyond Grapes

Non-Fiction. How to make “wine” out of essentially anything other than grapes.

Brut Force

Fiction. Second book in the “Felix Hart” series which follows the misadventures of a slightly older and wiser fellow swashbuckling his way through the wine trade.

The Concise Guide to Wine & Blind Tasting 3rd Ed.

Non-fiction. Exactly what the title says in that it helps people get started who want to learn how to blind taste wines.

The Cocktail Dictionary

Non-fiction. A lovely to look at and read reference for classic cocktails.

Cork Dork

Non-Fiction. A rather dramatized telling of earning the Certified Sommelier.


Fiction. The tale of a young man who works his way up the ranks of the English wine business.

Darjeeling: A History of the World’s Greatest Tea

Non-fiction. Not a wine book per se, but definitely in the format of a wine reference and told in such a manner that wine people will most likely enjoy it.

Eastern Promise

Fiction. Felix Hart, now in Asian lands, works to source toilet seats and stop fraud.

English Wine

Non-Fiction. Very approachable introduction and reference to the wines being produced in the UK.

Essi Avellan’s Champagne

Non-fiction. A very approachable guide to the wines, wineries and region of Champagne.

To Fall in Love, Drink This

Non-fiction/Fiction. Smattering of tales in a memoir fashion with a lose, natural wine core.

Firing Blancs

Fiction. The ongoing hijinks of Felix Hart, international wine buyer.

43 Wine Regions

Non-fiction. An overview of a select group of wine regions seen to represent wine at large.

The Goode Guide to Wine

Non-fiction. One wine writer´s take on how he approaches wine.

Greek Wine Explained

Non-fiction. A deep look a the current state of Greek wines with a great many recommendations.

Inside Burgundy

Non-fiction. Exceptional resource on the wines of Bourgogne.

In Vino Duplicitas

Non-fiction. Telling the story of the whole fraudulent story of the Kurniawan Affair.

Le Nez du Vin – Oak

Educational Aid. Delves into the depths of oak and the production of barrels with a 12 vial kit to understand the various aromas.

Leary’s Global Wineology

Educational Aid. A very lengthy coverage of all kinds of wine education programs in the world.

Lonely Planet’s Wine Trails Vol. 2

Educational Aid. A guide to enotourism that forms a foundation for a vast number of wine destinations around the world.

Message in the Bottle

Educational Aid. How to learn about tasting wine blind by one of the long-time teachers on the subject.

On Bordeaux

Non-Fiction. Collection of some of the best writers to be found, on the subject of Bordeaux.

On California

Non-Fiction. Collection of wine writers and winemakers, on the subject of all of California.

The Oxford Companion to Wine 4th Ed.

Non-Fiction. The previous edition of this heady reference book for the wine world.

The Oxford Companion to Wine 5th Ed.

Non-Fiction. The latest edition of this go-to reference tome for the wine world.

Platter’s South African Wine Guide 2020

Non-Fiction. The 40th edition of the definitive reference to current South African wines.

Root Cause

Fiction. The story of a newer, stronger version of the root louse, phylloxera wreaking havoc across the world.

Sherry: A Modern Guide

Non-fiction. A dressed-up, colorful book that looks at Sherry.

Sherry. Maligned, Misunderstood, Magnificent!

Non-fiction. Another reference/historical book that offers more insight to these wonderful wines.

The South America Wine Guide

Non-fiction. A large reference on all the countries of South America.

Southern Spirits

Non-fiction. A look at how the drinking culture of the Southern United States came to be.

Supra – A feast of Georgian cooking

Non-fiction. A look at Georgian cuisine, recipes, and how they interlink with the wines.

Tasting Notes

Fiction. The story of a woman attempting to navigate the corporate world of wine that’s very much tilted against her.

The 24-Hour Wine Expert

Non-fiction. A very stripped-down and approachable introduction to the world of wine.

Viking in the Vineyard

Non-fiction. Memoir of winemaker, Peter Vinding-Diers.

Vines in a Cold Climate

Non-fiction. A narrative look at the stories being the evolution of wines in the UK.

The Wild Vine

Non-fiction. An exotic, true tale about one of the United State’s only native wine grapes.

The Wine Bible 3rd Ed.

Non-fiction. A very in depth update of a classic wine reference.

Wine Folly: Magnum edition

Non-fiction. A new version of this visual approach to wine.

Wine for Normal People

Non-fiction. Introductory wine text based upon the well-known podcast of the same name.

The wines of northern Spain

Non-fiction. A guide to the upper half of Spanish wine regions.

Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys

Non-fiction. A reference to the advent and growth of women making wine in the modern era.