A book review of “Cork Dork” by Bianca Bosker

by  |  13-02-2017

For some time I’ve been reading articles written by Bianca Bosker about certain aspects of the wine world. While positing topics that have no end of potential (such as “Is there a better way to talk about wine?“) the articles always left me wanting more than what they’d scratched at. This is why I was quite interested to read Ms. Bosker’s new book, “Cork Dork” to see if the freedom of a longer format would allow her to develop more of a personal voice and offer something greater than previous articles had allowed. Coming out next month, the book digs in to the world of the sommelier (which is what “cork dork” references.) This, is not a topic I’d take on willingly as while it’s now viewed as sexy for people outside the trade, it’s only in terms of their being impressed but not wanting to know what it takes. […]
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