Media Kit was founded in 2010 by Spain-based Californian wine writer and critic, Miquel Hudin.

Since converting to a paid subscription site in 2019, we’ve become the most active destination online in English for information and reports about Spain and Southern Europe at large. We’re happy to have industry professionals, passionate wine lovers, and anyone who wants to “be wine curious” amongst our active and growing subscriber base.

Who We Are

While a small team, we strive to be the most comprehensive source for wines in Southern Europe, a market largely uncovered by traditional platforms.

This issue of coverage is the main reason why Hudin decided to bootstrap the launch of After nearly two decades of writing for mainstream publications and seeing that both the wines are well as the excellent enotourism destinations of these regions were being either overlooked or disregarded. Also, he loves the wines.

In addition to the core authors, we have a broad team of contributors well known in drinks writing.

Editorial Standards

As a fully-editorialized, subscription-based publication, we adhere to several core principals:

Target Audience’s target audiences are:

Top Regions

This is the current country breakdown for site users:

  1. 53% United States
  2. 10% Spain
  3. 10% United Kingdom
  4. 5% Canada
  5. 3% Australia
  6. 3% Italy
  7. 2% Germany
  8. 2% Netherlands
  9. 2% Singapore
  10. 2% Croatia


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