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In the interest of full transparency, the following are the disclosure policies of this website in terms of content and they also apply to social media channels including Twitter and Instagram.

Please read the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Membership Terms for related policies in terms of site usage.

Content Policy

Hudin.com is solely sustained through reader subscriptions and thus is 100% free of advertisements, sponsored articles, advertorials or any other kind of paid content. No inquires for such articles will be entertained but relevant press releases and newsletters may be sent to tips@hudin.com.

This website requires a paid subscription for access to all articles and scored wines. There are however a limited number of articles per month published for reading free of charge such as book reviews, film/tv reviews, and some product reviews amongst others. Please be advised that within these free-to-read articles there can be outbound Amazon Affiliate links.

Wine Reviewing Policy

There is never a charge to review wines and samples are accepted on an ad hoc basis. If wishing to send wines please email first to arrange delivery details and please review how wines are scored.

While the majority of wines reviewed on this site are part of larger, regional tastings for the Regional Reports, individual samples will be reviewed as received and will always be posted to the Wines section of the website unless flawed or not receiving a minimum score of 84 points in which case, the winery will be notified of this.

Wines sent will be considered for posting as articles or on social media channels if deemed of interest for readers. Note that this is at the discretion of the website team and no guarantees can be made as to when or if they will be posted. If a wine is not to be posted on any channel outside the website for whatever reason, this needs to be stated by the winery prior to tasting.

Wine scores may be used by wineries in the promotion (print and/or digital) of said wines as long as they are properly attributed to this website. At no point do we charge for the usage of scores nor do we require a licensing fee to reproduce any score awarded from Hudin.com.

Please note that we do not accept wines for review with less than 25mg/l of SO2 added at bottling.

Travel Policy

The vast majority of wine trips for research on this website are self-funded. Invitations will at times be accepted for a limited amount of press trips. If a trip is accepted it will be due to the interest to write about that specific region, so please note that a) there will absolutely be coverage on this website and b) it will be stated what expenses were covered and by whom.

Trips funded by individual wineries or commercial entities will not be entertained, only those by generic promotional bodies for a region or trade group. Since 2008, when the Vinologue wine book series and its accompanying blog was launched (which this website has ultimately descended from), all travel related to the research of the books or the related articles on this website (including airfare, car rental, accommodation, meals, etc.) was 100% self-funded by Miquel Hudin.

Any author that writes for Hudin.com after attending a trip reserves the right to state in their article a fully objective account of the trip whether that be positive or negative. Requests for alteration of content, unless factually inaccurate, will not be permitted.

Miquel Hudin

Miquel Hudin is the owner of both this website as well as the Vinologue book series, and their corresponding, trademarked brands. Please read his full bio for more background information.

While he historically worked as a web developer when living in San Francisco, he now works as a wine journalist, based in Catalunya, Spain. His writing income comes from various articles he publishes for magazines such as: World of Fine Wine, Decanter, Wine & Spirits, Guildsomm, TimAtkin.com, Harpers, and others.

Additional portions of income are earned from export consultation, book sales of the Vinologue series, sporadic translation work, and then a larger umbrella of “wine education” which comprises guided tastings, lectures, and wine tours.

He currently does not take any salary from Hudin.com as all subscription fees are invested into independent travel expenses as well as paying a small fee to contributing authors. Additionally, while a regular wine judge in competitions such as the Decanter Wine Awards, he receives no income from this activity beyond the organizers covering his cost of attending said competitions, sometimes via a daily stipend, but usually through their own purchase of travel needs.

Miquel is not currently employed by any regional body or other commercial entity within the wine or greater alcoholic drinks sector.

Last updated July 2, 2021