A wine medley from Portugal

by  |  02-06-2023

It’s time to have a new look at wines available from Portugal Vineyards, one of the most complete shops to buy Portuguese wines online. * If interested, you can read the first installment as well... more »

Domaine Faiveley – Bourgogne Rouge 2020

by  |  31-05-2023

There is nothing polemic, nor breaking news in stating that Burgundy wines are quite expensive these days. It’s a fact that seems to just be getting ‘factier’ with each passing vintage which seems to produce... more »

A book review of, “Leary’s Global Wineology”

by  |  29-05-2023 ~ 1 Comment

For those wanting to pursue a higher level of education in wine, it can be extremely confusing to understand which direction to take. That's why, some years ago, I wrote up this breakdown followed by... more »

Sommos, Somontano, Spain

by  |  26-05-2023

Here we have a selection of wines all make from the Grenache variety in different interpretations by Bodega Sommos in DO Somontano. I first encountered them when writing up a regional report a few years... more »

A symposium on regenerative viticulture

by  |  24-05-2023

On May 16th, the third edition of the Regenerative Viticulture Symposium was held in Falset, Catalunya in the town's old castle. For those who couldn't attend in person, they filmed it and it can be... more »

A big change to reading

by  |  22-05-2023

Starting today we're shifting the newsletter system from running on MailChimp to running on Substack and the new, direct address can be found here: There are many reasons to do this as it's fact... more »

Castell d’Encus – Acusp 2020

by  |  19-05-2023

Despite fake news and all the other problems hanging over us as a people, there are indeed some truths that remain such as: what goes up must come down, you can lead a horse to... more »

Food Through Wine: Mallorca

by  |  17-05-2023

A regular series that reviews dining through the lens of wine. It seems only fitting that if one is to talk about Mallorcan wines, when one should talk about where to eat in Mallorca. Whenever... more »

Six wines from Mallorca to know right now

by  |  15-05-2023

So we arrive to the middle of May and undoubtedly there are people out there making summer travel plans which might very well include Spain. And of those heading to Spain, perhaps the island of... more »

“British Sparkling Wine”, a name for all, a name for none?

by  |  10-05-2023 ~ 9 Comments

Given the recent Coronation, it only seemed fitting to take a look at one of the long-unresolved issues for the wines of Great Britain... In the last twenty years, British sparkling wine (or its longer,... more »