Food Through Wine: Tarragona, Catalunya

by  |  20-09-2023

A regular series that reviews dining through the lens of wine. Tarragona is something of a strange city. It’s not small as it’s the second largest city in Catalunya that’s not in the Barcelona metropolitan... more »

The wines of Štajerska, Slovenija 2023

by  |  18-09-2023

It was early March, the morning hours still small, and I couldn’t sleep. Jetlag had something to do with this as I’d landed in Munich just a few hours earlier after a flight from San... more »

The four-year anniversary of

by  |  14-09-2023 ~ 4 Comments

It's been yet another trip around the sun and that means another yearly celebration of this site's full founding which is now four years ago! (*) A great deal has changed in the world since... more »

A call to expel the Russian Sommelier Association from the ASI

by  |  13-09-2023

Eight Ukrainian champions petitioned The Association de la Sommellerie Internationale to expel the Russian Association for supporting the war. The transparency and anti-corruption issues they raise make their appeal important for the entire wine world.... more »

Top Shelf: Crvik – Lorko

by  |  11-09-2023

A series simply looking at the best of the best in wine. When I visited Petar Crvik in his family winery at the bottom of Dalmacija for the Malvasija Dubrovačka article, we naturally took advantage... more »

And pop goes the Priorat

by  |  08-09-2023

The evening of the 19th of August was a Saturday and wasn’t cool by any means. The summer heat still crinkled and surrounded with an unpleasant touch on the skin. Even with the sun having... more »

A book review of, “Eastern Promise”

by  |  06-09-2023

Over the summer arrived the fourth installment of the pseudonymous Peter Stafford-Bow's Felix Hart series called, "Eastern Promise". If you don't know these books, I suggest to go back and read through my reviews of:... more »

The wines of DOC Rioja 2023

by  |  05-09-2023

Approaching a tasting of Rioja is a good deal like venturing into an ancient city for me. There is a vastness to the place and a great wealth of wonderful things, but you need to... more »

Vinovalie Sans Culotte Blanc 2020

by  |  01-09-2023

I won’t lie, there’s an excitement for me in discovering new wines and it’s why the core of this site is to “be wine curious.” I do realize for the vast majority of winedrinkers, this... more »

A review of “Un vin dans les voiles”

by  |  30-08-2023 ~ 1 Comment

Documentaries in the wine world can be something of a tough order. Wine is, by its nature, rather boring to watch on a screen and infinitely more fun to drink. This is why I was... more »