Spain’s newest DO: Campo de Calatrava

by  |  26-02-2024

In something of a surprising Valentine's Day "gift", on 14 February, Brussels approved Spain's newest denomination of origin, Campo de Calatrava. Located in the vast territory of Castilla-La Mancha around Ciudad Real (about 100km to... more »

Of Bread & Wine

by  |  22-02-2024 ~ 2 Comments

Bread may be a meal, but wine is life and it’s little surprise that we’ve had both for more or less the same amount of human history. We shall never be allowed to forget that... more »

Spain opens up green harvest funds for 2024

by  |  21-02-2024

While everyone was busy talking about 60,000 liters of intentionally-spilled wine in Ribera del Duero, another interesting item in Spanish wine news came to be which was the commitment of 21.4€ million in public money... more »

Checking in with Can Sumoi

by  |  19-02-2024

I don’t like making assumptions, so I’ll just say that I ‘think’ I was one of the first people to review the Can Sumoi wines back in early 2019. A lot of water had passed... more »

Res Fortes – Merlot Madness 2022

by  |  15-02-2024

I was recently up in the Roussillon region to research a new report on one of my most favorite regions outside of Spain, although ‘Catalunya Nord’ is only technically not Spain due to historical treaty-isms.... more »

Straight takes from Peter Sisseck

by  |  12-02-2024

When working on the Ribero del Duero Report last year, I made a stop to Pingus and was fortunate to be able to have a lengthy chat with owner, founder and head of everything, Peter... more »
Photo from DOC Prosecco

Five Proseccos to know right now

by  |  09-02-2024

The sparkling wines from Prosecco can often get a bad rap. The fact that it’s very easy to find them for 5€ and under doesn’t do terribly much to elevate the brand, admittedly. Of course…... more »

A book review of, “Message in the Bottle”

by  |  07-02-2024

If you're someone studying how to blind taste of wine, or just happen to be casually fixated on the subject (surely there must be a few?) then it's never been a better time to be... more »

Domaine Manciat-Poncet – Mâcon-Bussières Rouge 2018

by  |  05-02-2024

The big news in wine is that apparently less people are drinking it. This is indeed, Big News because in a normal year, the Big News would be about the fact that Burgundy producers have... more »

New ‘Pro’ discount and cleaning up the ranks

by  |  01-02-2024

Whether you're looking to sign up to for the first time or are an existing member but would like to see what the 'Pro' membership offers, until Sunday, we're running a $30 discount off... more »