The wines of Vipava Valley & Goriška Brda 2024

by  |  31-01-2024

To me, there are generally two things to remember about Slovenia as a country. The first is that everything is more or less an hour from the capital, Ljubljana. The second is that it usually... more »

The wines of DO Ribera del Duero 2023

by  |  04-12-2023

For years now, DO Ribera del Duero has fascinated me. At face value it’s “simply” another one of the Tempranillo-dominated Denominations of Origin in Spain such as DO Toro, DO Cigales, and of course, DOC... more »

How did Cava get so small?

by  |  29-11-2023

"la DO Cava es mucho más que Corpinnat" “DO Cava is much more than Corpinnat” This was part of a declaration made by DO Cava president Javier Pagés at the beginning of February, 2019 when... more »

Sparkling wines of Catalunya 2024

by  |  27-11-2023

There is no hard date, but there definitely was a time in Spain when the concept of sparkling wine was “easier” as, from 1986 onwards, it was simply, “Cava”. It was easier even if it... more »

The wines of DOC Rioja 2023 Part II & Viñedos Singulares

by  |  06-11-2023

Our modern life has become one that’s all about sequels and thus, here we arrive to what is Part II of the larger Rioja report from September. This comes paired with a new Tasting Report... more »

Recaredo’s celebration of Turó d’en Mota’s 25 harvests

by  |  16-10-2023

When a top sparkling wine producer the likes of, Recaredo asks if you can attend a respective tasting of their top-end, single-vineyard, Turó d’en Mota wine, you say yes without hesitation. If it so happens... more »

DOC Rioja: A look at Maturana Tinta

by  |  02-10-2023

It always seemed considerably easier when it came to the Rioja wine of yore. They were basically just Tempranillo, no? The options were either oak aged or then made in a very fresh, carbonic maceration... more »

The wines of Štajerska, Slovenija 2023

by  |  18-09-2023

It was early March, the morning hours still small, and I couldn’t sleep. Jetlag had something to do with this as I’d landed in Munich just a few hours earlier after a flight from San... more »

The wines of DOC Rioja 2023

by  |  05-09-2023

Approaching a tasting of Rioja is a good deal like venturing into an ancient city for me. There is a vastness to the place and a great wealth of wonderful things, but you need to... more »

The wines of DOQ Priorat 2023

by  |  24-07-2023

It’s that time of year for my annual analysis of the wines of DOQ Priorat which is accompanied by the Tasting Report that has over 150 wines scored for your drinking pleasure. There’s been a... more »