Miquel Hudin
Miquel Hudin
Miquel Hudin

Miquel Hudin is a writer originally from California, based in Catalunya, Spain. He started his wine career in the Napa Valley which led to the founding of the Vinologue series of wine books in 2008 followed by Hudin.com in 2010. He received the Wine & Innovation Award 2020 from Millesima, was named Best Drink Writer of 2017 by the Fortnum & Mason Awards, and was the recipient of the 2016 Geoffrey Roberts Award.

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Ridge – Frediani Valdiguié 2021

by  |  25-09-2023

When I was still working for a winery in Napa Valley many years ago now, my mom asked me, “Hey, what ever happened to Gamay Beaujolais? That was... more »

Burgundy 2023, lookin’ good?

by  |  22-09-2023

As I mentioned in the latest newsletter, it's been a good deal of pain across Southern Europe for the 2023 harvest. There are of course exceptions and the... more »

Food Through Wine: Tarragona, Catalunya

by  |  20-09-2023

A regular series that reviews dining through the lens of wine. Tarragona is something of a strange city. It’s not small as it’s the second largest city in... more »

The wines of Štajerska, Slovenija 2023

by  |  18-09-2023

It was early March, the morning hours still small, and I couldn’t sleep. Jetlag had something to do with this as I’d landed in Munich just a few... more »

Top Shelf: Crvik – Lorko

by  |  11-09-2023

A series simply looking at the best of the best in wine. When I visited Petar Crvik in his family winery at the bottom of Dalmacija for the... more »

And pop goes the Priorat

by  |  08-09-2023

The evening of the 19th of August was a Saturday and wasn’t cool by any means. The summer heat still crinkled and surrounded with an unpleasant touch on... more »

A book review of, “Eastern Promise”

by  |  06-09-2023

Over the summer arrived the fourth installment of the pseudonymous Peter Stafford-Bow's Felix Hart series called, "Eastern Promise". If you don't know these books, I suggest to go... more »

The wines of DOC Rioja 2023

by  |  05-09-2023

Approaching a tasting of Rioja is a good deal like venturing into an ancient city for me. There is a vastness to the place and a great wealth... more »

Vinovalie Sans Culotte Blanc 2020

by  |  01-09-2023

I won’t lie, there’s an excitement for me in discovering new wines and it’s why the core of this site is to “be wine curious.” I do realize... more »

A review of “Un vin dans les voiles”

by  |  30-08-2023 ~ 1 Comment

Documentaries in the wine world can be something of a tough order. Wine is, by its nature, rather boring to watch on a screen and infinitely more fun... more »