Miquel Hudin
Miquel Hudin
Miquel Hudin

Miquel Hudin is a writer originally from California, based in Catalunya, Spain. He started his wine career in the Napa Valley which led to the founding of the Vinologue series of wine books in 2008 followed by Hudin.com in 2010. He received the Wine & Innovation Award 2020 from Millesima, was named Best Drink Writer of 2017 by the Fortnum & Mason Awards, and was the recipient of the 2016 Geoffrey Roberts Award. Profile photo by Dean Dubokovič

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Celler Credo, Penedès, Catalunya

by  |  13-06-2024

There was something missing from the recent Penedès report and it was celler Credo. For those unfamiliar with it, these are the still white wines produced by famed... more »

Familia Torres, Northwest Catalunya

by  | 

These are wines from the inland and northern projects of the Torres Family. From DO Conca de Barberà we see the Milmanda as well as the Grans Muralles.... more »

Gil Family Estates 2024

by  |  12-06-2024

A name in Spanish wine that a great many people have encountered is that of Juan Gil, part of the Gil Family Estates. With their first wines bottled... more »

Familia Torres – Grans Muralles 2019

by  |  10-06-2024

There’s strength in diversity and don’t let some wayward soul tell you otherwise. The Torres family knows this better than anyone as for something like three decades now,... more »

The wines of Burgundy 2024

by  |  07-06-2024

“Well I guess you don’t hang out with a lot of billionaires.” During the week and a half I spend in Burgundy this past March there were of... more »

Hail destroys up to 1,500ha of vineyards in Penedès

by  |  05-06-2024

On Saturday, June 1st, in the Penedès region of Catalunya there was a hailstorm that lasted just 30 minutes. But what it lacked for in terms of length,... more »

Food Through Wine: La Cooperativa, Porrera, Catalunya

by  |  04-06-2024

A regular series that reviews dining through the lens of wine both good… and bad. It was in preparing to write this article that I realized I’ve been... more »

The wines of Alicante 2024

by  |  29-05-2024

Alicante came to be as a DO in the 1930s, but it wasn’t given a full regulatory council until 1957 as was the case for all the DOs... more »

Estévez – Versos de Valtuille – La Vitoriana 2021

by  |  27-05-2024

It’s amazing how what we perceive as fixed, is never actually set in stone. You change even one piece of a greater entity and it’s just “different” even... more »

Wine Plus+

by  |  22-05-2024

I'm of many minds as to why the closure of Wine & Spirits print magazine didn't get more attention than it did. I feel like people didn't read... more »