MiquelBorn in Northern California, I went from butchering sheep and chickens on a small family ranch to writing theses on English literature and film at UC Berkeley. I don’t take the change up lightly.

After being introduced properly to wine via working for Napa Valley winery, I went on several journeys for wine around Europe to then come back to San Francisco each time. Once finally realizing that California is at the end of the world (not the center of it as Californians and Midwest transplants believe) I moved to Catalunya in 2012 where I write and publish wine books as well as articles in other publications. I’ve won a few awards if you were really curious.

I live in a village of the Priorat wine region where myself and the other 450 inhabitants all get along via copious amounts of wine and a threat of mutual dislike. The summers are hot, the winters cold, and the houses, not well insulated.

If interested, please venture to my cussing-infused Twitter or read my wine blog.

-Miquel (Q, not G)

Awards & Titles

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