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A book review of, the “Slow Wine Guide USA 2024”

by  |  22-04-2024

And so arrives the newest release of the Slow Wine Guide USA 2024. For those unfamiliar with the whole "Slow" brand, to rewind a bit, Slow Food was founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini to... more »

A book review of, “Greek Wine Explained”

by  |  11-03-2024

Various wine personalities will often tell you that one region or another is "underrated" or that they don't understand why people don't like it more? There's a great deal of debate on this front, but... more »

A book review of, “Message in the Bottle”

by  |  07-02-2024

If you're someone studying how to blind taste of wine, or just happen to be casually fixated on the subject (surely there must be a few?) then it's never been a better time to be... more »

Académie du Vin acquires the Classic Wine Library

by  |  06-12-2023

In what is quite large news in the wine book world, Académie du Vin Library (AdV) has acquired the collection of the Classic Wine Library (CWL) from publisher, Infinite Ideas. In the regular world, news... more »

A review of “The Oxford Companion to Wine 5th Ed.”

by  |  13-10-2023 ~ 2 Comments

Somehow seven years have passed (surely the pandemic had nothing to do with blurring time) and we find ourselves with the newest, and dare I say, "sleekest looking" version of the "Oxford Companion to Wine"... more »

A book review of, “Eastern Promise”

by  |  06-09-2023

Over the summer arrived the fourth installment of the pseudonymous Peter Stafford-Bow's Felix Hart series called, "Eastern Promise". If you don't know these books, I suggest to go back and read through my reviews of:... more »

A book review of, “The South America Wine Guide”

by  |  09-08-2023

Given how much wine information is online these days (for free…), it’s a fact that printed books have needed to reassert themselves to a certain degree and “The South American Wine Guide” by Amanda Barnes... more »

A book review of, “Vines in a Cold Climate”

by  |  20-07-2023

The wines produced in the United Kingdom may sometimes lack for sun, but they certainly don’t lack for media coverage and in turn, books written about them. For such a young wine region (truly serious... more »

A book review of, “From Bordeaux to the Stars”

by  |  12-07-2023

Given the recent passing of Jean-Michel Cazes at the end of June, it seemed a more than appropriate time to review his narrative memoir, “From Bordeaux to the Stars: The Reawakening of a Wine Legend”... more »

A book review of, “Leary’s Global Wineology”

by  |  29-05-2023

For those wanting to pursue a higher level of education in wine, it can be extremely confusing to understand which direction to take. That’s why, some years ago, I wrote up this breakdown followed by... more »