Wine Book Reviews

A book review of “Inside Burgundy 2nd Ed.”

by  |  13-12-2021

“Hotly anticipated” is a phrase that’s more than a bit overused in the world of wine books. I mean, they’re books and they’re about wine. We’re not talking about Harry Potter sequels here. But if... more »

A book review of “On California”

by  |  18-11-2021

Following in the footsteps of, “On Bordeaux“, the Académie du Vin Library has now released a new book in a similar vein called, “On California“. While Bordeaux and California are on opposite sides of the... more »

A book review of “Wines of the Roussillon”

by  |  19-10-2021

I have something of a soft spot for underdog wine regions which probably explains my pursuit of Roussillon. Existing for years as “le petit vin du Languedoc”, it was this dismissing it as “lesser Languedoc”... more »

A book review of “Viking in the Vineyard”

by  |  09-09-2021

Here we have the memoir of Peter Vinding-Diers, a winemaker whose career has spanned over half a century–to date. Why the title of “Viking in the Vineyard“? That’s due to the fact he’s originally Danish... more »

A book review of “Tasting Notes”

by  |  05-08-2021

As I’ve pointed out previously, fiction and wine is a tricky mix, akin to getting the balance on a Vieux Carré cocktail just right. Sometimes it works but more often than not, it really doesn’t.... more »

A book review of “Beyond Grapes”

by  |  16-07-2021

A friend of mine likes to keep his winery staff on their toes during harvest and so he plans little oddball side projects in addition to the main winemaking. One year, they made some ancestral... more »

A book review of “Wines of the Rhône”

by  |  22-04-2021

If you’ve been around the wine blogging scene for any amount of time, you’ll know that “success stories” are far and few between which is why Matt Walls’s new book from publisher Infinite Ideas, Wines... more »

A review of “Le Nez du Vin – Oak”

by  |  01-03-2021

For those not familiar with Le Nez du Vin, this is a series of aroma and learning tools created by, Jean Lenoir, a Frenchman originally from Burgundy who has been a wine educator most of... more »

A book review of “Wine for Normal People”

by  |  18-01-2021

Writing an introductory text on wine is no small feat. A book that takes someone from, “Sure, I like wine, top me off!” to “Lemme breakdown the Médoc for you.” is a journey spanning two... more »

A book review of “On Bordeaux”

by  |  18-12-2020

If there is one abusive phrase towards literature above all others it’s, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Thankfully, when it comes to the new book, On Bordeaux, I would say that you can... more »