A book review of “Southern Spirits”10-01-2017

“Southern Spirits: Four Hundred Years of Drinking in the American South, with Recipes” is a lofty book in that the author, Robert F. Moss looks to take on the entire history of the American South... more>

Priorat kills it at Guia de Vins de Catalunya24-11-2015

Yesterday was the annual presentation of the Guia de Vins de Catalunya. It’s an annual guide that reviews between 1,500 wines within the region of Catalonia. Of course they’re also allowing wines from Catalonia Nord... more>

Drinking Sherry wines13-01-2015

Sherry is one of those drinks that is largely misunderstood as most people believe it to be a sweet drink when in reality, the majority of it is dry or more to the point, not... more>

La Guia de Vins de Catalunya 201526-11-2014

The annual presentation for the Guia de Vins de Catalunya happened this past Monday. This book is now in its 7th edition and strives to include as many of the wines of Catalonia as possible... more>

A taste of Salt & Old Vines18-09-2012

We came across this quite wonderful excerpt from a soon-to-be-written book titles, Salt & Old Vines at Unbound, a rather new website that uses a novel way to produce well, novels. …There are two types... more>

The Norton & Todd Kliman’s, “The Wild Vine”10-05-2012

In between enveloping my senses at the Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend and putting the finishing touches on our Empordà wine guide, I somehow managed to finish this book by Todd Kliman called, The Wild Vine.... more>

To turn tea in to wine05-12-2011

We came across this curious recipe in an old book from the 1950’s simply called, “How to make Wine”. It was sitting in the book shelf of 2 Sisters Bar & Books, which we covered... more>

Two Sisters Bar & Books opens13-10-2011

The San Francisco Hayes Valley neighborhood has just picked up a mighty cool new spot called Two Sisters Bar & Books. Basically, it’s a bar (wine, beer, cocktails, coffee, and tea), with books (for trading... more>