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A review of, “La Dégustation”

by  |  20-12-2023

When I started seeing the trailers, overdubbed in Spanish, I had little interest in watching "La Dégustation" aka "Cata de Vinos" or in English, "The Tasting". It had all the earmarks of a rather schmaltzy... more »

Ukrainian wine/war film, “Wounded Land” wins Most Festival

by  |  13-11-2023

At this year's Most Festival in Catalunya, Spain, the Grand Jury Prize was awarded to the Ukrainian wine/war film, "Wounded Land". The festival, now in its 12th edition is currently the only film festival in... more »

A selection of films from the Most Festival 2023

by  | 

This year, I had the honor of being asked to be on the five-person jury of the Most Festival in Catalunya which is now in its 12th edition. According to my list of films, we... more »

A review of, “Blind Ambition”

by  |  20-10-2023

With the "World Blind Wine Tasting Championship" for 2023 having finished this past weekend, it makes for a perfect moment to write up the film, "Blind Ambition" which I recently viewed due to being a... more »

A review of, “The Guitar Barrel Project”

by  |  27-09-2023

It can't be said often enough that the best films about wine are not actually films about wine. We saw this with the all-defining archetype of the genre, "Sideways", and we can see it yet... more »

A review of “Un vin dans les voiles”

by  |  30-08-2023

Documentaries in the wine world can be something of a tough order. Wine is, by its nature, rather boring to watch on a screen and infinitely more fun to drink. This is why I was... more »

A full review of “Drops of God”

by  |  12-06-2023

It's rare that the wine crowd gets a fancy film or TV series made for them. Normally, we're stuck with documentaries or something related to the vainglorious world of "Planet Somm". When a fiction offer... more »

SOMM a decade on, the aftermath of a documentary

by  |  26-05-2022 ~ 4 Comments

There are few if any films that have had such a profound impact on the wine world than the original SOMM film from 2012. I'm reminded of this constantly such as when I was leading... more »

A review of “Vignes dans le rouge”

by  |  28-06-2021

I recently had the pleasure of viewing the new documentary, Vignes dans le rouge at this year’s Most Festival–one of, if not the only film festival in the world dedicated to films about wine. “Vignes... more »

Wines on film

by  |  17-05-2021 ~ 2 Comments

A few months back, I posed the question on Twitter as to whether or not others enjoyed watching people taste wine on camera. I wasn't asking for nefarious reasons but purely due to the fact... more »