SOMM a decade on, the aftermath of a documentary

by  |  26-05-2022 ~ 4 Comments

There are few if any films that have had such a profound impact on the wine world than the original SOMM film from 2012. I'm reminded of this constantly such as when I was leading... more »

A review of “Vignes dans le rouge”

by  |  28-06-2021 ~ 2 Comments

I recently had the pleasure of viewing the new documentary, Vignes dans le rouge at this year's Most Festival--one of, if not the only film festival in the world dedicated to films about wine. "Vignes... more »

Wines on film

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A few months back, I posed the question on Twitter as to whether or not others enjoyed watching people taste wine on camera. I wasn't asking for nefarious reasons but purely due to the fact... more »

A review of film “Back to Burgundy” (“Ce qui nous lie”)

by  |  17-04-2020

Before diving into this review of "Back to Burgundy", I have to set the stage as to how I came at this film. You see, I happen to love the films by this French film... more »

A review of “Uncorked” (2020)

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When a friend of mine opened "The Barrel Room" in San Francisco I asked her, "What's the background on the name? Big barrel fan?" She just shrugged, sighed, and said, "There's really no point trying... more »

A review of “It Starts With Wine”

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The passage of time has taught us that history repeats itself for those who refuse to learn it and wine, is exceptionally hard to capture on film. To date, I'm of the opinion that the... more »
Is the little man in the glass saying, "Please stop?" Undoubtedly.

A review of “SOMM 3”

by  |  15-02-2019

The gang behind the original SOMM documentary that was a sleeper hit back in 2012 (yeah, seven years ago...) have come back with yet another installment for our viewing pleasure. What's curious about all things... more »

A review of “The Wine Show: Season 2”

by  |  07-06-2018

Carrying on after the success of the first iteration of The Wine Show, the team got back together two years later to produce Season 2 that released to a much larger audience on Channel 5... more »

A review of “Sour Grapes”

by  |  12-12-2016

Being based in Spain has many upsides like great jamón, wine, and the sea, but getting access to small-release films isn't anywhere in that list. This is why I'm only just now getting around to... more »

A review of “Priorat” (The Movie!)

by  |  07-11-2016 ~ 7 Comments

The opening night of the Most Festival saw the premiere of, "Priorat" a documentary created to tell the story of the rebirth of a wine region that nearly faded in to the sands of time.... more »