Review of SOMM: Into the Bottle

by  |  01-09-2016 ~ 2 Comments

Some might wonder the logic in reviewing a film that came out eight months previous but in the case of SOMM: Into the Bottle, it was mainly because I wanted to reflect on it a... more »

Wrap-up review of, “The Wine Show”

by  |  25-07-2016

Last week marked the airing of the final episode for "The Wine Show", a British production that aimed to do something daring: make wine actually approachable and enjoyable on the the small screen. This is... more »

A review of “Natural Resistance”

by  |  10-11-2014

At the press screening night for the Most Festival, I had the chance to see "Natural Resistance" at the Filmoteca in Barcelona. I was very excited to see the screening as Jonathan Nossiter's previous documentary... more »

To somm or not to somm

by  |  11-08-2014

At the end of last week I was having a meal with friends in the Priorat village of Porrera at La Cooperativa. The friends in question happened to be Albert and Roger of Vall Llach... more »

Blood into Wine

by  |  05-09-2011

When in Cape Town last year, checking out the Stellenbosch vineyards, I bumped in to this guy who wasn't in to wine that much, but was in to the band, Tool. He said that if... more »