A review of “Sour Grapes”

by  |  12-12-2016

Being based in Spain has many upsides like great jamón, wine, and the sea, but getting access to small-release films isn’t anywhere in that list. This is why I’m only just now getting around to reviewing the film, Sour Grapes. There have of course been other reviews such as: The Guardian, or Variety, or then Dr. Vino who gave a feel that he was writing a review mostly out of obligation. The topic is admittedly niche and the audience even more so, but I felt the film did an excellent job of saying what needed to be said, but I have yet to see any review that fully understands why. I quite liked Richard Hemming’s review which dresses down the pluses and minuses of the film and gives it credit for being evenhanded with the directors staying out of the path of the narrative. I think that this is where […]
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