The official release of the Gigondas white wines

by  |  08-07-2024

If there was ever an all-encompassing case of “Good things come to those who wait”, then it would be the Southern Rhône appellation of Gigondas finally being approved to produce white wines in September of... more »

Famille Perrin – Domaine du Clos de Tourelles – 2021

by  |  25-06-2024

When working on the Gigondas Report I discovered that the region, as is usually the case, has a great deal more to offer than what one might originally see. I think the reason for this... more »

The wines of Burgundy 2024

by  |  07-06-2024

“Well I guess you don’t hang out with a lot of billionaires.” During the week and a half I spend in Burgundy this past March there were of course many choice items I heard, but... more »

The wines of Gigondas 2024

by  |  16-05-2024

Earlier this year I was planning out my spring reporting trips which included a lengthy stay in the South of France. As I told a colleague about my plan and that I was intending to... more »

A taste of Northern Rhône 2024

by  |  06-05-2024

Several years ago, I was attending the press dinner for the Grands Jours de Bourgogne and somehow ended up seated next to a high-level director for one of the largest negociants in Burgundy. I would... more »

Domaine Lafage, Roussillon, France

by  |  26-04-2024

These are a selection of the current releases from Domaine Lafage, one of the motors that makes the Roussillon region go. And note that they’ve been ‘retconned’ back into the larger Roussillon report that came... more »

A taste of Beaujolais

by  |  16-04-2024

With the Jura Tasting, it was important to look at how they’re making wines that are something of a Burgundy+. By that I mean there’s something similar to Burgundy, but they go into what is... more »

The wines of Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2024

by  |  11-04-2024

A lot of water has passed under the collective bridges of life since my previous Châteauneuf-du-Pape report. As I arrived there in 2022, mere days after Russia invaded Ukraine, it was easily the most distracted... more »

A taste of Jura

by  |  03-04-2024

The wines of Jura are probably some of the easiest in the wine world to understand… if you happen to work in the wine world. I fully admit to being quite fascinated with them as... more »

The wines of Roussillon 2024

by  |  29-02-2024

When planning research trips for this year, I was quite surprised to find that the last full review of Roussillon wines was all the way back in 2021. I say “surprised” as I’m in contact... more »