Priorat: The Movie!

by  |  07-11-2016

The opening night of the Most Festival saw the premiere of, “Priorat” a documentary created to tell the story of the rebirth of a wine region that nearly faded in to the sands of time. It was shot during the harvest of the fall of 2015 and features interviews with all the modern “Clos” owners, as well as a number of the people around the region, international wine figures, and then yours truly, however you want to categorize me and my “talking head” role that I played. Watch the trailer (and the film) if you’d like to learn a bit more. If you want the gist of the story, you can read it here or more thoroughly in the Priorat book but what this film does quite well is to animate the history and fully show the gorgeous landscapes where Priorat resides. That in and of itself is stunning and […]
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