Catalan Wines

Castell d’Encus – Acusp 2020

by  |  19-05-2023

Despite fake news and all the other problems hanging over us as a people, there are indeed some truths that remain such as: what goes up must come down, you can lead a horse to... more »

The wines of DO Alella

by  |  08-05-2023

In any region, there will always be a DO which is the smallest of all and for Catalunya, that’s DO Alella. Plain to see, yet just out of sight, it literally sits but a few... more »

Catching up with Herència Altés

by  |  03-05-2023

It was shortly after Herència Altés fully moved into their new cellar that I paid them a visit to see what they were working on in this sleek, modern space just off the N-420 highway... more »

New winery “incubator” opening in Penedès

by  |  01-05-2023

For anyone wanting to start up a winery, it’s an undeniable fact that the costs are onerous. Once you’ve secured a source of grapes via planting or buying (neither a small task), then you need... more »

The wines of DO Costers del Segre 2023

by  |  19-04-2023

I will readily admit to being a bit intimidated by DO Costers del Segre. I realize of of course you might be immediately be saying, “Whatsers del what?” I assume this because, unless you live... more »

Having a new look at DOQ Priorat 2014

by  |  04-04-2023

Rummaging about the cellar with a strong(er) desire than usual to drink some Priorat wines, I came across several that were from the 2014 vintage for some reason. I can only assume that they were... more »

Can Calopa, Barcelona, Catalunya

by  |  24-03-2023

A very unique project as the vineyard and winery sit on the old farming estate of Can Calopa that’s just within the boundaries of the city of Barcelona. It’s been under the management of the... more »

U Més U, Penedès, Catalunya

by  |  23-02-2023

A pair of Penedès Cavas from the overall line of U Més U that are quite representative for the region both in terms of price as well as profile. Note that they also produce quite... more »

Food Through Wine: Gandesa, Terra Alta

by  |  20-02-2023

A regular series that reviews dining through the lens of wine. Any wine region in the world worth its salt has some place that’s a destination to not only be able to find all the... more »

Heretat Laverna, Penedès, Catalunya

by  |  08-02-2023

Heretat Laverna is working in the Penedès region and producing all their wines organically as is inline with the region as a whole. These wines are from local/traditional varieties with the exception of the Merlot... more »