Catalan Wines

Nit de les Carinyenes, Porrera, Priorat 2024

by  |  13-05-2024

With the Fira de Vi in Priorat, we came to see yet another edition of “Nit de les Carinyenes” from the Cellers de Porrera association. It is as the name would imply in that it’s... more »

The wines of Penedès 2024

by  |  30-04-2024

I recently caught up with the wines of the Penedès region via a tasting focused upon the “native/traditional” varieties of the region which is out today and features more than 100 wines. Penedès is and... more »

Herència Altés – La Serra Blanc 2020

by  |  24-04-2024

People are often of the opinion that the concept of assigning a score to a wine is at best a parlor trick and at worst, utter bullshit. How can something that’s supposed to be “alive”... more »

Six Priorat wines to know right now

by  |  25-03-2024

We find ourselves in that fine moment where it’s neither terribly cold, nor terribly hot. Traditionally known as either “spring” or “fall”, it does seem to be a shorter and shorter moment each year as... more »

Checking in with Can Sumoi

by  |  19-02-2024

I don’t like making assumptions, so I’ll just say that I ‘think’ I was one of the first people to review the Can Sumoi wines back in early 2019. A lot of water had passed... more »

Alicia i Josep Viticultors, Priorat, Catalunya

by  |  26-01-2024

These are two new wines from Alicia i Josep Viticultors, a couple who started producing wines from a plot they purchased in the village of Porrera in Priorat and have expanded since then. While their... more »

Cavas, Catalunya

by  |  19-01-2024

Here we have a series of DO Cava wines that didn’t make it into the main sparkling wine report at the end of 2023 as they arrived after that lengthy report (which included all the... more »

The Catalan Vi Novell wines of 2023

by  |  15-01-2024

The best part about vi novell in Catalunya is the fact that it’s a wine which is ready to drink, right now. I know this because the group who work together as the Vi Novell... more »

Clos Erasmus: First taste of 2021, retasting 2020

by  |  10-01-2024

For the 2022 Priorat report, I tasted the Clos Erasmus 2020 which had just been bottled about three weeks previous. This usually isn’t too much of an issue as good wines are pretty much showing... more »

La cuesta de enero 2024

by  |  08-01-2024

Or mortal coils shed off yet another year and with it, la cuesta de enero descends upon us. While literally meaning, "the slope of January" it's more aptly translated as "an uphill January" because in... more »