Catalan Wines

Sparkling wines of Catalunya 2024

by  |  27-11-2023

There is no hard date, but there definitely was a time in Spain when the concept of sparkling wine was “easier” as, from 1986 onwards, it was simply, “Cava”. It was easier even if it... more »

Antoni Mata Casanovas of Recaredo has died at 81

by  |  16-11-2023

In unfortunate news to read, Antoni Mata Casanovas, the president of famed sparkling wine producer, Recaredo has died at the age of 81. While the winery was founded by Antoni's father, Josep Mata Capellades, in... more »

Priorat in six vintages of Clos Abella

by  |  01-11-2023

A few weeks back, the DOQ Priorat winery, Marco Abella invited a few wine people to their premises just north of Porrera to celebrate a very high score received in an award competition for their... more »

Introducing the wines of Cisteller

by  |  30-10-2023

I’m certain that when Penedès’s Vi de Mas certification was released, many couldn’t believe that there were such things as “historic” farm estates or masies in Penedès. On a certain level, I can’t blame anyone... more »

Peralada and its century of wine

by  |  25-10-2023

While an exceedingly-historic winegrowing region with some 2,600 years of history, the modern DO Empordà came into existence in 1975 when beach tourism was reaching massive heights in the area from its beginnings back in... more »

Casa Gran del Siurana La Fredat 2020

by  |  23-10-2023

It’s very easy to make the case that Grenache is a fine, worldclass grape variety these days. Look no further than the wines of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Gredos, and of course, Priorat, if you want to taste... more »

Recaredo’s celebration of Turó d’en Mota’s 25 harvests

by  |  16-10-2023

When a top sparkling wine producer the likes of, Recaredo asks if you can attend a respective tasting of their top-end, single-vineyard, Turó d’en Mota wine, you say yes without hesitation. If it so happens... more »

Terra Remota, Empordà, Catalunya

by  |  06-10-2023

Here we have a couple of wines from what has become quite an extensive portfolio of Terra Remota up in DO Empordà. It’s an interesting project as first and foremost, the winery itself is striking... more »

Another harvest & Festa del Vi i la Verema a l’Antiga Poboleda

by  |  29-09-2023

As the harvest of another year in Priorat has drawn to a close (some would say, “finally“), it’s worth looking at a fine regional festival that has traditionally marked the start of the harvest. This... more »

Food Through Wine: Tarragona, Catalunya

by  |  20-09-2023

A regular series that reviews dining through the lens of wine. Tarragona is something of a strange city. It’s not small as it’s the second largest city in Catalunya that’s not in the Barcelona metropolitan... more »