A book review of “Root Cause”

by  |  15-04-2019

For anyone involved in wine, it’s almost always the case that “pleasure reading” is some kind of dense tome from which a rare beast called, “fact” is derived. Fiction based upon wine is perhaps an even rarer beast however which is why when someone such as Steven Laine attempts to create an international crime caper about vagaries of wine, it merits attention. It’s easy to see what Laine was attempting to do in creating a book that’s akin to The Da Vinci Code for wine, but the problem is that Laine isn’t Dan Brown–not perhaps the worst thing unless one is trying to create a Dan Brown-esque book. If you’re a wine person who wants a change, you might find something in this book, but in general, the writing style, stilted dialog, racism, sexism, and overzealous scope will probably be a turn off. All this is unfortunate as the book […]
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