A book review of “The 24-Hour Wine Expert”

by  |  02-08-2018

“The 24-Hour Wine Expert” by Jancis Robinson MW came out over two years ago so one would ask as to why I’d bother reviewing it now? Quite simply that in a time of fake news, half truths, and more succinctly, questionable wine authorities, this book is more necessary now than ever. How I came to be in possession of the book was that a friend was asking me one day what books she should get in order to better her own wine knowledge. An unabashed drinker and lover of wines, she found her knowledge lacking and was bothered by it. I found myself in a similar predicament years ago which set me on the path I’m on now but for people who don’t want to spend literal months leafing through the massive tomes that do indeed have all the answers (and which Jancis has also written), what books are recommendable? […]
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