A book review of “Essi Avellan’s Champagne”

by  |  16-08-2017

What I know of Champagne is purely by obligation. In sommelier studies and other wine courses, given its dominance in the sparkling wine world, Champagne is required knowledge and I know as much as it needed for both professional and friendly needs. Given I live an hour away from Cava country, it is generally my go-to bubbly due to convenience and the fact it’s much better-priced than the Champagne we find in Spain, which is generally comprised of Non Vintage bottles that hardly stir the soul. That’s why this book by Essi Avellan MW was most welcome. If I had her depth of experience in Champagne and knowledge of the region, this is exactly the book I would have written. I say this not out of hyperbole but the fact that I’ve been writing the same style of books for some time now and the reason being that it’s a […]
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