A book review of “Sherry: A Modern Guide”

by  |  02-12-2015

This book has me conflicted and suffice to say, which is probably why it’s taken me so long to get around to reviewing it. But in brief, at no point did I really feel like it makes Sherry more accessible to the public nor is a re-defining moment for the drink like the Liem & Barquin book Sherry, Manzanilla and Montilla was. If you want something even briefer, read my thoughts on drinking Sherry because if there’s one thing that the author, Talia Baiocchi and I agree on is that Sherry is a massively under appreciated wine and the prices are currently ludicrously cheap for the quality you get. My main problem with this book is that it essentially strives to be a primer on Sherry, offer up some bodega profiles, Sherry cocktail recipes, and then a bit of food pairing. This has been painted as the ultimate modern guide […]
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