Drinking Sherry wines

by  |  13-01-2015

Sherry is one of those drinks that is largely misunderstood as most people believe it to be a sweet drink when in reality, the majority of it is dry or more to the point, not sweet. Unlike regular wine which most people know as red, white, rosé, or sparkling, Sherry has a a myriad of different names, but let’s break it down to its most basic components in that it’s either “dry” or sweet” while avoiding the blends which are a best unto themselves. If you haven’t tried dry Sherry, it is pretty damned fantastic. It will pair with just about any meal you want to have it with. You can sip on it seemingly all day and despite the decently high alcohol to it (typically between 15-20% ABV), it won’t drag you down. You’ll see it on the table in any tapas bar around Andalusia. Oh, stressed to find […]
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