Spanish Wines

A new Rioja Viñedo Singular… that’s sparkling?

by  |  14-09-2022

Bodegas Valdemar in the village of Oyón in Rioja, Spain have released, “Finca Alto Cantabria Gran Añada” which is the first sparkling wine in the region to be produced with the new single-vineyard, or Viñedo... more »

Food Through Wine: Córdoba, Spain

by  |  12-09-2022

A regular series that reviews dining through the lens of wine. It was something of an ominous statement by my brother in-law that I would “eat very well” on my trip to Córdoba and Montilla-Moriles.... more »

Torres grows in Galicia

by  |  05-09-2022

The winemaking family Torres doesn’t seem to do anything small and has recently announced that they’ve purchased Bodegas Valdamor in Rías Baixas, Galicia, Spain, a 3,000 square meter facility that will allow greater expansion of... more »

The state of Montilla-Moriles

by  |  31-08-2022

At the beginning of June, I boarded a highspeed AVE train down to Córdoba in Andalucía, Spain. It was a trip of 4.5 hours (vs the 8.5 it would take to drive) but my fingers... more »

The 2022 vintage so far: Iberia and its northeast

by  |  05-08-2022

I’m usually quite loathe to talk about a vintage in progress unless there’s been some kind of major event such as the mildew insanity of 2020. Unknowns are a plenty and the knowns far and... more »
Photos, Danae Rodríguez for Marisol Rubio

Marisol Rubio, Pedro Ximénez at the limits

by  |  03-08-2022

The white Spanish grape variety, Pedro Ximénez is something of a curious creature. For those who may know its name, there’s probably the association with Sherry where it (along with Moscatel) produces the dessert wines... more »
Photo courtesy of Abadia Retuerta

Spain’s newest Vino de Pago in Abadia Retuerta

by  |  01-08-2022

It seems that there’s been a bit of activity again in terms of regional approvals from Brussels as on 31 May, 2022 the Official Journal of the European Union certified the Abadia Retuerta and Bolandin... more »
Road leading to "Los Laureles"

Single vineyard certifications come to the Canarias

by  |  20-07-2022

The Denomination of Origin Islas Canarias (the DO created in 2012 that covers all the islands) updated its pliego de condiciones (by-laws) one year ago this month. These revisions don’t happen often so there were... more »

An update on Valencia’s wine border conflict

by  |  11-07-2022

The largescale border conflict between denominations of origin (DO) in the Autonomous Region of Valencia in Spain that was reported on back in February of this year appears to have continuing issues. In brief, at... more »

The Hail Mary to save La Palma’s vine heritage

by  |  15-06-2022

It was on September 19th, 2021 that the Cumbre Vieja volcanic ridge in the island of la Palma, Spain began a massive, three-month long eruption. It’s no small thing to say that this was a... more »