Spanish Wines

Sommos, Somontano, Spain

by  |  26-05-2023

Here we have a selection of wines all make from the Grenache variety in different interpretations by Bodega Sommos in DO Somontano. I first encountered them when writing up a regional report a few years... more »

Food Through Wine: Mallorca

by  |  17-05-2023

A regular series that reviews dining through the lens of wine. It seems only fitting that if one is to talk about Mallorcan wines, when one should talk about where to eat in Mallorca. Whenever... more »

Six wines from Mallorca to know right now

by  |  15-05-2023

So we arrive to the middle of May and undoubtedly there are people out there making summer travel plans which might very well include Spain. And of those heading to Spain, perhaps the island of... more »

The down & dirty guide to Madrid’s wine bars

by  |  14-04-2023

I don’t remember when I made my first trip to Madrid but I’ve been there too many times to count since. It was an easier trip than say Paris as it was a short flight... more »

Remírez de Ganuza, Rioja, Spain

by  |  31-03-2023

While established in 1989, this is a rather classic producer located in the Álava of Rioja. By “classic” I mean that it’s the Rioja we’ve all come to know and love. This is embodied perfectly... more »

The wines from DO Vinos de Madrid

by  |  27-03-2023

The photo above is not what one associates with Spain’s capital, Madrid and for good reason. The active, museum-rich, dining-prone, culturally-vibrant city with a population of over three million (and problably half as many bars)... more »

Remelluri – Lindes de Remelluri – San Vicente 2012

by  |  20-03-2023

It’s just over seven years ago that “The Manifesto” was signed by 150 individuals in the Spanish wine scene at Club Matador in Madrid. The base for this manifesto was quite simple in that it... more »

A taste of Alicante

by  |  15-03-2023

The Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid is one of if not its poshest. Fancy hotels, fancy restaurants, and fancy stores with few products in a large, expensive space dominate the horizon. Indeed there are fancy wine... more »

Pagos de Anguix – Costalara 2020

by  |  08-03-2023

In terms of the Tempranillo Intensity Index (if such a thing exists), I usually rank the dominant Tempranillo regions from lowest to highest in intensity as: Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Toro. I’ve never been... more »
Photo by Rioja Alavesa

The Rioja Alavesa issue

by  |  06-03-2023

Making news lately has been that the Rioja Alavesa region is striving to create their own Denomination of Origin completely separate from DOC Rioja to be called, “Arabako Mahastiak/Viñedos de Álava” (using both names in... more »