Spanish Wines

Ribera del Duero: Dominio del Soto, Pagos d’Anguix

by  |  08-05-2024

This is an interesting selection of wines from DO Ribera del Duero. First are the wines of Dominio del Soto. This is a winery owned by Northern Rhône biggie, M. Chapoutier. Because of the recent... more »

Bodega Laus 2023s, DO Somontano, Spain

by  |  18-04-2024

Here are the current releases for Bodegas Laus, a winery which I was first introduced to for the last DO Somontano report. While they have one aged, ‘Crianza’ wine, the main speciality of the winery... more »
Photo from Carlota Wine Shop

Your Madrid caviste

by  |  08-04-2024

In Spain, the caviste doesn’t seem nearly as important as it does in France where the concept of a wine shop owner is much more central to life. After all, if shopping for wine, it... more »

Spain’s newest Vino de Pago: Rosalejo

by  |  01-04-2024

Following upon the news of Spain's newest DO in a decade and a half granted to Campo de Calatrava is its newest PDO for a Vino de Pago called, "Rosalejo". Located in the region of... more »

Bodegas Ausàs – Interpretación 2021

by  |  04-03-2024

Reverse psychology can be a bitch when selling a wine. I say this as I have to assume that the following quote from a recent article reviewing wines from Ribera del Duero was attempting such... more »

Spain opens up green harvest funds for 2024

by  |  21-02-2024

While everyone was busy talking about 60,000 liters of intentionally-spilled wine in Ribera del Duero, another interesting item in Spanish wine news came to be which was the commitment of 21.4€ million in public money... more »

Artadi’s 2021s

by  |  29-01-2024

If there’s one thing that the winery Artadi is well-known for, it’s making quite fine wines up in the Rioja Alavesa region. If there is perhaps a second item that they’re also well-known for, it... more »

Six Reserva wines to know from DOC Rioja

by  |  17-01-2024

For me, the Reserva category is one of the more curious components to the wines of DOC Rioja. I was in fact so curious about that I dedicated a good deal of my 2023 Rioja... more »

Sierra de Toloño – Rosado 2020

by  |  12-01-2024

The news in booze as of late, isn’t terribly good from most point of views. I say “most” as it depends upon which side of the aisle you’re on in terms of drinking, but if... more »

La cuesta de enero 2024

by  |  08-01-2024

Or mortal coils shed off yet another year and with it, la cuesta de enero descends upon us. While literally meaning, "the slope of January" it's more aptly translated as "an uphill January" because in... more »