The venencia

by  |  09-12-2014

Anyone who has visited a wine cellar knows well the thrill when the winemaker whips out that glass tube called a pipette and pulls a long, smooth draw of visceral wine from the barrel. When visiting the Sherry cellars of the greater Jerez region you quickly find that things are done a bit differently. For starters, there is no pipette and instead there is what’s called a “venencia”. The venencia consists of a narrow steel cup on the end of a flexible shaft that’s nearly one meter long. For the last 60 years, the shafts have been made of rubber covered spring steel or now, PVC, but it used to be the case that they used a whale’s whisker to make the shaft of the implement. To pull out the Sherry, they drop the venencia in through the bunghole on the top of barrel with a plunk that sounds like […]
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