Drinking 240 year-old Sherry will land you in jail

by  |  19-09-2015

During a tour through Crimea by Russian president/leader-for-life Vladimir Putin and former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi (who all British press add “disgraced” to the beginning of) they apparently drank a very rare bottle of 1775 Jerez de la Frontera Sherry. This has in turned sparked the ire of Ukraine to which Crimea still in theory belongs although no Western government will seem to acknowledge and Google Maps has even given the “Eastern Border of Israel” treatment to. Ukraine has ruled that the drinking of said bottle of 240 year-old wine was destruction of cultural heritage as the bottle has been a gem in the Massandra winery’s half a million bottle collection forever. There are many things to absorb in this. For starters, someone might wonder as to how a wine that’s older than the United States would taste? Probably pretty decent. Sherry (and for that matter other fortified wines) […]
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