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Burgundy 2023, lookin’ good?

by  |  22-09-2023

As I mentioned in the latest newsletter, it's been a good deal of pain across Southern Europe for the 2023 harvest. There are of course exceptions and the further east you go, the better things... more »

The four-year anniversary of

by  |  14-09-2023 ~ 4 Comments

It's been yet another trip around the sun and that means another yearly celebration of this site's full founding which is now four years ago! (*) A great deal has changed in the world since... more »

A “little” wine theft in Empordà

by  |  02-08-2023

The well-known wine shop, Vins i Licors Grau in Palafrugell, Baix Empordà in Catalunya was the victim of a wine theft on 10 July, estimated to be 111,000€ in total losses based upon current secondary... more »

Jerez, the #1 enotourism destination in Spain

by  |  05-07-2023

The city of Jerez, where the wines of Sherry are produced, has officially been announced as the #1 enotourism destination in all of Spain for 2022. This comes on the heels of growth overall in... more »

A big change to reading

by  |  22-05-2023

Starting today we're shifting the newsletter system from running on Mailchimp to running on Substack and the new, direct address can be found here: There are many reasons to do this as it's fact... more »

New winery “incubator” opening in Penedès

by  |  01-05-2023

For anyone wanting to start up a winery, it’s an undeniable fact that the costs are onerous. Once you’ve secured a source of grapes via planting or buying (neither a small task), then you need... more »
Photo by Rioja Alavesa

The Rioja Alavesa issue

by  |  06-03-2023

Making news lately has been that the Rioja Alavesa region is striving to create their own Denomination of Origin completely separate from DOC Rioja to be called, “Arabako Mahastiak/Viñedos de Álava” (using both names in... more »

Looking back, looking forward with Ukraine

by  |  27-02-2023

Whatever Putin may have been planning in order to mark the one-year anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine didn’t come to pass last week despite the rumors. Russia simply continues with more of the... more »

Maturana Buena, Maturana Mala

by  |  13-02-2023

Tracking down the relationships of vitis vinifera varieties which comprise the grapes from which our wines are made is no easy task. Back in 2012, the book Wine Grapes took an impressive stab at researching... more »

From the Tasting Bench

by  |  08-02-2023

The fact that things in life can’t always be placed into a specific box applies as much to wine as anything else. I mention this as today sees the addition of a new section on... more »