Whether you’re looking to sign up to Hudin.com for the first time or are an existing member but would like to see what the ‘Pro’ membership offers, until Sunday, we’re running a $30 discount off the $90 annual price which makes the Pro membership the same price as the Classic membership. Just use the code, ‘gopro24’ when signing up.

If you’re already a member and would like to take advantage of this, log in and go to My Account where you can see your Subscriptions and the ability to Upgrade next to your current subscription, using this discount code on checkout. Note that the cost should be automatically prorated based upon the point in your yearly membership.

What does the Pro membership give you? A great many things.

While the Classic membership allows access to the thousands of articles on the site and the massive tasting notes database, the Pro option gives an even more advanced and finite search function that’s indispensable for anyone who want to really drill down through the wines. You also get full access to the growing regional database and the cross-listing function when viewing regions and/or grape varieties. On top of that, you’ll get access to the integrated regional vintage profiles when we launch that in the near future. In other words, it’s a great offer for those wanting even more out of the site!

Now for a bit of housecleaning in that while we have the bi-monthly, free newsletter, there’s also the “immediate” option which sends you an email the moment an article is published. If you’ve been subscribed to this system, you’ll have to go to the newsletter options and resubscribe in the middle option as we had to wipe all the subscriptions in there. We’re not sure if it’s an ongoing issue, but in running this site for over a decade, it was time to start fresh with this system as many emails haven’t been getting delivered.

Do note that you can be subscribed to both the monthly newsletter and the immediate notifications!

The RSS feed reader option remains in effect and unchanged, but that’s a bit “nerdcore” so if you know how to use it, great, and it’s still there for you.

If you run into any problems or issues, by all means, contact us and as always, we’re ever-grateful for your continued readership.


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