Ukraine’s wine people finding homes around Europe

by  |  20-05-2022

The war in Ukraine continues to be a heinous atrocity. The only thing that's clear now is that there will be no resolution any time soon, especially as Russia seems hell-bent to grind on despite... more »
Photo by Slivino Village winery

Ukrainian winemaking in war

by  |  11-04-2022

Most of the territory of Ukraine has been scarred by war because the Russians have been actively destroying civilian infrastructure and this fate hasn't spared the wineries of our country. Since the beginning of the... more »

Wine in Ukraine, an interview with GoodWine

by  |  04-04-2022

As the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine continues, it's important to remember that a lot is at stake in geopolitical terms but also in economic terms--both big and small. While before February 24th some... more »

Telti Kuruk, tasting native Ukrainian grapes

by  |  09-09-2020

“What on earth is that?” is my most favorite phrase in wine. Often I’m saying it to myself when browsing list of wild, wonderful new varieties I’ve never heard of while judging. But in this... more »

Shabo – Grand Reserve Cabernet Merlot 2014. Yes, Ukrainian wine.

by  |  06-12-2016

When returning from my recent trip to visit Armenian wineries, I had a layover in Kiev’s Boryspil Airport and despite reliable free wifi, there wasn’t much to do but wander around, eat a damned fine... more »

Drinking 240 year-old Sherry will land you in jail

by  |  19-09-2015

During a tour through Crimea by Russian president/leader-for-life Vladimir Putin and former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi (who all British press add “disgraced” to the beginning of) they apparently drank a very rare bottle of... more »