The winemaker/winery guide to social media

by  |  04-04-2018

For anyone in wine, you’ve probably heard constantly how this generation or that generation or men or women or fill-in-the-blank is “now buying wine via social media!” Most of these articles usually make big claims, but once you get about halfway through, out comes the fact that while they may be on Facebook, they’re actually just buying ads and ultimately, getting wine sold comes down to good distribution. But of course, that’s boring and not headline-y. I’ve most definitely been on record as questioning both selling wine via social media as well as the value of “influencers” in wine and social media. This usually earns me angry comments asking as to how the weather is up my ass but still, I persist as I find there is a great deal of bullshit surrounding social media and I’m bullshit-averse which probably means choosing wine for an occupation was a mistake. Unfortunately, […]
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