The wine blog. Where from here?

by  |  30-01-2018

To a great extent, I’ve become numb to shocking headlines over the last year and half. But despite the constantly being on the brink of nuclear war and shithole talk, when I read “Huffington Post shuts down contributor network” earlier in January, it raised my jaded eyebrows a touch. This network brought them oodles of free content which they then happily exploited to the tune of a $315 million sale to AOL in 2011. It needs to be noted that none of that reached a single blogging contributor on within the network. Blogging was initially something done for fun for those of us who enjoyed writing until you had a group like HuffPost or others come along and say in a very American fashion, “Well, you’re just doing it for free, so why not do it for free and get exposure in the process?” This marked the beginning of the […]
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