Wine Predictions for 2018

by  |  20-01-2018

Sending out predictions for a year, three weeks into the year may seem a bit ridiculous but I needed to wait for statistics to come out in order to rate last year’s predictions. So, this is where we’re at and in general, for the year to come I have a rather narrow focus on the publishing side of things with a few other bits thrown in. But, like last year, we’ll come back to this in a year or so to see how well I did. Naturally, I welcome any all all tomatoes thrown at that point because tomatoes make pasta sauce and pasta is delicious. Premiumization of UK wine sales Most every indication says that in the UK, there will be a large degree of growth in the “upper” sector of wines which is to say, anything above 15£. Why will there be growth in this price range? It’s […]
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