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Talking ‘Massal Selection’ with Álvaro Ribalta

by  |  24-11-2023

It's the biggest irony that to get access to the most interesting wines from across Europe, you're best off going to anywhere in Europe where they don't produce wine (or at least not a lot... more »

The four-year anniversary of

by  |  14-09-2023 ~ 4 Comments

It's been yet another trip around the sun and that means another yearly celebration of this site's full founding which is now four years ago! (*) A great deal has changed in the world since... more »

The three-year anniversary of

by  |  15-09-2022 ~ 2 Comments

Greetings and welcome to yet another yearly celebration of this site's full founding just three years ago! These yearly moments allow us to have a look at where where the site has been going over... more »

The list of wine publications

by  |  16-05-2022 ~ 2 Comments

For those who like to support quality wine writing (which of course cannot be done for free) here's an updated list of all the subscription wine publications currently available. This is tied in to an... more »

The rise of the wine experts’ subscription sites

by  |  11-01-2022 ~ 18 Comments

It's very strange to be a wine writer right now. I say this as for the last two decades, space to write about wine has decreased almost as fast as what publications are willing to... more »
Photo from @Ornellaia on Twitter

Housecleaning on

by  |  22-06-2021

Greetings, we wanted to quickly check in with our readers and make sure that you’re receiving new articles in the way that suits you best. The RSS Feed It’s most important that those using an... more »

A fake anniversary for Fake Booze

by  |  01-06-2021

A few days back, Jim Budd posted a round up of his favorite articles from the new satirical drinks site, Fake Booze. I’d definitely add even a few more in there as the humor valves... more »

The new Instagram wine scam

by  |  26-04-2021

I’ve noticed a new scam sweeping across Instagram lately and for some reason, it appears to be very focused on the wine community. No, it’s not the whole “influencers” debate, but an actual, old school... more »
Photo derived from work by Alfons Morales

With wine information, you get what you pay for

by  |  05-03-2021 ~ 6 Comments

A little while back on a wine professionals online forum I often interact with, someone asked a great question about where to get information for studying up on the region of Jura as she was... more »

The personal story behind a stock wine photo

by  |  25-02-2021

If you spend any time in the internet you undoubtedly know these hands holding those grapes. Anyone who has seen anything relating to wine, whether a newsletter or the cover of a well-known magazine will... more »