Greetings, we wanted to quickly check in with our readers and make sure that you’re receiving new articles in the way that suits you best.

The RSS Feed

It’s most important that those using an RSS feed reader such as Feedly or others check their settings for If you don’t know about RSS, it’s an older method to receive updates of articles on websites that’s quite useful for organizing newsy information to read either on the desktop or via an app. It’s especially useful if you find yourself receiving too many emails and want to save items from time to time.

This website has been around for over a decade and during that time there have been some URL changes. So, we wanted to make sure that if you’re someone subscribed to the or even URLs, then please unsubscribe from those and subscribe to:

It may be tricky to actually see if you’re subscribed to the right feed or now as we’ve created a workaround for the moment to not lose subscribers, so if in doubt just unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the link above.

It’s quite important to check this as these older URLs as going to be completely shut down in very short order and you’ll lose access to new articles!

The Newsletter

If you’d like to change to the free newsletter format, please go here to subscribe.

What’s in our newsletter? Well, there have been a great many newsletters created over the past year, but ours runs at a steady frequency of once a month. It gives a short introduction of current affairs and a list of all articles that are both free to the public as well as for subscribers only. While we’re obviously very happy to have you buy a subscription, we do publish a good number of free articles each month and this is a great format to keep track of everything without getting overwhelmed.

We use Mailchimp to manage the newsletter and in addition to its being free, you can easily unsubscribe any time you’d like.

The Bulletin

If you’re someone who wants to know about an article the minute that it’s published, please go here and use the form at the bottom of the page. This is a system that’s managed by WordPress and like the Newsletter, it’s also free with the ability to unsubscribe whenever you’d like.

However you choose to stay updated on articles, we’re very happy to have all of you as regular readers and we look forward to seeing your around in the future!


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