Observations from the annual GuildSomm survey

by  |  26-06-2017

If you’ve not seen it, GuildSomm has posted its 2016 salary survey which anyone, even non-subscribers to the site can view. They create this by putting out a poll that people answer anonymously on the site and then they compile the information. Is this scientific? No, but it does provide an engaging snapshot into the world of the wine business. Something else to take note of is that GuildSomm’s (learn more about it) members are predominantly in the United States so the poll skews heavily towards that country’s current trends. I point this out in case there are sommeliers working in Spain who wonder where their $60,000 USD annual salary is given they usually earn about 1/5th that. It’s interesting to compare these surveys year by year as they’ve done it for 2015 as well as 2014 and you can see that the median income has remained unchanged. It’s one […]
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