Life, under Coravin

by  |  23-07-2018

The Coravin. This little device has changed the face of wine service and storage massively since its creation in 2011. The act of jabbing a hollow needle through the cork in a wine bottle, injecting argon gas and then letting a small amount trickle out, all in the name of not having to open the bottle is revolutionary. It could be beneficial for the home user who just wants a glass or then the restaurant who can suddenly make their by-the-glass list go boom as seen by the likes of 67 Pall Mall who lay claim to offering 500 wines by the glass. About a year ago I finally took the plunge and bought one of these wonders, making very steady use of it since. Given all the excitement around it, does the Coravin live up to not only its claims but its usefulness? Yes and no with many varying […]
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