Spanish Wines

The down & dirty guide to Madrid’s wine bars

by  |  14-04-2023

I don’t remember when I made my first trip to Madrid but I’ve been there too many times to count since. It was an easier trip than say Paris as it was a short flight... more »

A farewell to beloved Barcelona wine bar, Monvínic

by  |  05-10-2020

Monvínic, one of the first truly-dedicated wine bars in Barcelona that was once hailed as the best wine bar in the world by a Wall Street Journal columnist, finally announced last week that they’ve closed... more »

Life, under Coravin

by  |  23-07-2018

The Coravin. This little device has changed the face of wine service and storage massively since its creation in 2011. The act of jabbing a hollow needle through the cork in a wine bottle, injecting... more »

Natural wines in Catalunya

by  |  23-04-2018

For some reason, the “Ides of April” have become the time to write about “natural” wines in most any publication. I have no proper idea why except that it’s a busy, yet stagnant time as... more »

Napa’s newest wine bar, Compline, opens

by  |  02-10-2017

It’s something like 15 years now since I was working full time for a Napa Valley winery and back then, I was lucky enough to based in San Francisco for most my work. I say... more »

A taste of 67 Pall Mall

by  |  16-05-2017

It was a bit over two years ago that I wrote about this new wine bar to open in Central London called, 67 Pall Mall. It was an exciting announcement as all the ideas behind... more »

Wine Bars in Yerevan, Armenia

by  |  09-12-2016

In February of 2013 the main editor of this website, Èlia, was in Armenia for the first time. Keep in mind that while this was just four years ago, trying to find out much about... more »

8000 Vintages, a new wine shop in age-old Tbilisi

by  |  10-09-2016

I’ve spent the last month running across the entire country of Georgia to research a new wine guide. When I tell people this, I feel the mental image is of me lounging in a pool,... more »

Jovani & Vins, a new wine space comes to Barcelona

by  |  23-06-2015

For some time the Jovani siblings of Montsa, Robert, and Sergi have been making wines in the form of the Berdié Cavas and the still wines of Origami. The latter of which are from vineyards... more »

The Paradox of wine in Split, Croatia

by  |  18-05-2015

In Spain, many wine bars have sprung up in recent years as many people looked at their glass of 3€ a bottle Rioja that they’re drinking in say, Barcelona and asked, “Why am I drinking... more »