Natural wines in Catalunya

by  |  23-04-2018

For some reason, the “Ides of April” have become the time to write about “natural” wines in most any publication. I have no proper idea why except that it’s a busy, yet stagnant time as we wait on more important articles such as Bordeaux’s en primeur or spring releases from wineries. So, as there’s not much else to talk about, this topic works very well as a fiery filler in the meantime. I would have largely eschewed it were it not for an article that appeared in a well-known British magazine that talks in broad terms about natural wine in Catalunya. The article fudges a great many base facts to arrive at a conclusion. A conclusion the author was already convinced must be the conclusion as opposed to the one that should have been led to via research and interviews as one source does not a proper article make. I’ve […]
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