Catalan wines in 2016

by  |  04-01-2016

With the start of January comes that typical moment in the wine world of retrospection, reflection, and prediction. I think that most of this due to winemakers not having much to do in the cellars and wine writers not wanting to do much after gorging on holiday wines and dishes. Rumination is what January was placed on the calendar for. For those who might be interested in the musing of someone living in a winemaking village, what follow are a couple of thoughts about the moment we find ourselves in and what may lay ahead. Some have admittedly been inspired by others such as Alfonso Cevola’s article that’s a good read even if it doesn’t fully apply to where you are. About half the wine I drink is from this little corner (currently) in Spain. It seems that the massive crash of 2008/2009 has been left behind and those wineries […]
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