10 Sentits is back with Cat Negre 2012

by  |  11-12-2014

In Catalonia there exists a a marauding group of enologs who go anonymously as the “10 sentits” or “10 senses”. I’ve met some who know a member or two, but it seems that no one fully knows (or won’t admit) who they all are. Undoubtedly, having visited as many cellars as I have, I probably know a couple of the members of the group myself, but they’ve never come clean about it. It’s probably for the better as their masked winemaking has allowed them to be “dangerous”. It was a couple of years ago that came out of the shadows in 2011 to release a “blanc de noir” and a “noir de blanc”. Why? Because they could, that’s why. That and these two style of wine are notoriously hard (at least in my opinion) to actually make well. This was followed up by Escumoi last year; a sparkling wine from […]
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