A meeting of Grenaches, Les Printemps de Châteauneuf 2015

by  |  20-04-2015

This past 11-13th of April was the sixth edition of Les Printemps de Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Organized by the association of young winegrowers, this year it showcased 86 of the local domaines. The atmosphere is overall quite casual and open to the public the first two days with a professional day closing the event and making for an incredibly pleasant way to sample this Grenache-centric region of the Rhône. For the day of the professional tasting, they had a long table with all the reds and whites of the just-released 2013 vintage to taste as casually as you liked. As noted by others, it’s definitely a lighter vintage. In talking with some of the winemakers it seems that in addition to the climatic reasons, they also added less stems (20% in 2013 vs 50% in more typical years). Personally, the 2012 wines really spoke to me during these days, with their larger, […]
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