Catalunya at Dalmcija Wine Expo 2015

by  |  16-05-2015

In returning to Dalmatia for the first time in many years, I attended the Dalmacija Wine Expo 2015 in Split and conducted a Master Class comparing three wines of Catalonia with three of Dalmatia. I know both regions well having written three books about Catalonia and one about Dalmatia and I mention that as at first glance the two regions wouldn’t make for apt comparisons at all for one unfamiliar. First off, the top of Dalmatia sits at the same latitude as Provence and the bottom of it just touches the northern border of Catalonia so one might think that comparing Dalmatian wines to those of Southern France might be a more reasonable proposition, except that it wouldn’t. I feel that the main reason for this is that while the weather is relatively similar, what differs a great deal are the grapes (there are a lot of “cooler” grapes in […]
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