Croatian Wines

The wines of Croatia 2024

by  |  20-03-2024

Personally, it’s a point of pride for me to say that my history with Croatian wines goes back some two decades now. There were my first tastes of the Dalmatian red variety, Plavac Mali at... more »

Food Through Wine: Yezi, Zagreb, Croatia

by  |  18-03-2024

There is that moment when you’re on the wrong side of 40 when you walk into a restaurant and think, “Did I perhaps make a mistake?” It’s not the trendy décor nor the fact that... more »
Grgich in October, 2008 at his winery, thus the pumpkin theme.

Mike Grgich / Miljenko Grgić

by  |  18-12-2023

Two notable humans reached a century of existence this year, only to then depart from this crazy world. But, despite this tenuous link of both living to 100 years of age, I would however posit... more »
Photo by Dean Dubokovič

Talking about Pinot at Modri les Noirs 2023

by  |  08-11-2023

Dominatrix or master, whatever you want to call the relationship, when it comes to Pinot Noir, it's very one-sided as this finicky grape variety owns the winemaker--he or she never, ever owns it. While there... more »

Top Shelf: Crvik – Lorko

by  |  11-09-2023

A series simply looking at the best of the best in wine. When I visited Petar Crvik in his family winery at the bottom of Dalmacija for the Malvasija Dubrovačka article, we naturally took advantage... more »

The ‘Jesus’ wine barrel, the largest in the world

by  |  27-07-2023

Woe be the sommelier student who must remember the names of all the various bottle sizes lest they bring a diner a three liter Jeroboam of Moët et Chandon when in fact it was the... more »

Graševina & the wines of Slavonija, Croatia

by  |  10-07-2023

Being formed of several old realms, the modern state of Croatia is a bit of a curious shape. It’s impossible to look at a map and not think otherwise as there are these two large... more »
Photo by Stina winery

Stina and the taste of stone

by  |  26-04-2023

In April of 2012 I made a long-overdue trip to Croatia for what was back then the hottest new wine fair to appear in years called, the Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend. It didn’t last long... more »

Hopping the Croatian Elaphiti Islands to Šipan

by  |  13-03-2023

The Postira was built in 1963 and it’s one of those Adriatic transport boats that feels seemingly ageless. It just keeps chugging as the decades pass by, country borders and names changing while its hearty... more »

A splash of Malvasija Dubrovačka in Konavle

by  |  07-02-2023

How grape varieties arrived to where they are in the world is always a point of fascination for me and it’s what piqued my curiosity about Malvasia de Sitges in Catalunya which I wrote about... more »