Tasting four decades

by  |  21-01-2017

It’s a fun stunt to try and taste the decades of your life via bottles of wine. As one gets older, it becomes ever more difficult as the older wines get more scarce, somewhat giving you a cue that your time might be nearing its pull date as well. But 40, that’s a pretty doable age as there are a wealth of wines that can age that long, although their prices get quite precious. A friend in Priorat, Fredi Torres happened to have almost the same birthday as me and he was planning his for some time with the benefit of many people in wine distribution. Coming at this in the last moment, I did the best that I could and while managing to get wines from every decade, they weren’t all 7s (1977, 1987, 1997, 2007) but so it goes and the vinous journey was still one to behold […]
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