Catalan Carignan & The “Best” Catalan Wine

by  |  10-10-2016

Last Friday the winners were announced for the 4th edition of the Vinari Awards. This is the main wine award for all of Catalonia and this year I participated as one of the judges. So, when the Vall Llach – Mas de la Rosa of DOQ Priorat was announced as the co-winner with Vinyes d’Olivardots Vd’O 1.10 of DO Empordà, I wasn’t terribly shocked. I have to say that when judging a competition, you taste a lot of bad wine as people are just fishing for awards–thanks for Catalan Rosés from Merlot guys :( But when this wine passed my table, despite our tasting blind, I knew immediately what it was as it leaped out of the glass and I, as well as the other four judges put it down for 95-96 points. It’s a tremendous vineyard (one of the eight Vi de Finca) that makes a tremendous wine, and […]
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