And the Porrera wine gang was all there

by  |  01-04-2016

As was usually when coming in from one of the trails around the village of Porrera, my dog had spotted a cat and ran off through the houses. We’ve been through this game many times before and he has trained me well. I head to the old stone bridge and wait for him, knowing his general whereabouts in the village as I hear the other dogs locked up in the houses barking at him in jealousy as he rockets by. While standing on the bridge, Albert came out of his winery, Vall Llach and saw me there waiting for my wayward hound. He invited me to the village winemaker’s dinner that evening in Lo Teatret (one of the local restaurants) as they planned what they were doing for the forthcoming “Nit de les carinyenes” (the night of Carignans.) I was initially bashful to attend as while I live in the […]
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