The vertical of the Vall Llachs

by  |  15-09-2015

On Saturday, August 29th, Albert Costa, the co-owner and winemaker of Vall Llach in Porrera along with famous folk singer and co-owner Lluís Llach, Priorat held a press tasting that featured a vertical of every single Vall Llach wine made from 1999-2008 and we were only missing the 1998 and 2009 vintages. 1998 was the first vintage and a rather hot year and the blend was very atypical of what would start in 1999 so I assume that’s why we didn’t taste that vintage. So why only until 2008 you might ask? Well, from 2009 on, Albert made the decision to split his flagship wine in to two different lines that would showcase a different aspect of the winery’s best vineyards. The Vi de Vila – Porrera 2009 was the first to be released and is comprised of mostly Carignan along with a smaller proportion of Grenache. The Vi de […]
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