The 2015 harvest in Priorat & Montsant

by  |  10-12-2015

These days everyone wants to put a positive spin on each year’s vintage, wanting, rightly or wrongly, to stand out in a crowded digital landscape. But after last year’s ‘marmalade harvest‘, people may actually be justified in wanting to go on at length about just how great 2015 has been. The spring saw little hail but then came the summer with an extended heatwave that left the region suffocating throughout July. Of course hot Julys are not atypical. The Catalan refrain (that deserves its own T-shirt some day) is al juliol, ni dona ni cargol, or ‘in July there are neither ladies nor snails’ or that you can’t find snails and it’s too hot for “lovin'”. It was initially a beneficial heat as it promoted wonderful veraison, but as it went on unabated, there were fears of another 2003. Viticulturists were getting up at 5 am to cut back the […]
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