Portuguese Wines

A review of, “The Guitar Barrel Project”

by  |  27-09-2023

It can't be said often enough that the best films about wine are not actually films about wine. We saw this with the all-defining archetype of the genre, "Sideways", and we can see it yet... more »

A wine medley from Portugal

by  |  02-06-2023

It’s time to have a new look at wines available from Portugal Vineyards, one of the most complete shops to buy Portuguese wines online. * If interested, you can read the first installment as well... more »

In The Glass: Vasques de Carvalho – LBV Port 2017

by  |  19-12-2022

One mid-winter several years ago, a writing friend of mine commented to his wife, “How have I gained so much weight this holiday season, I’m not eating that much, am I?” to which she replied,... more »

Herdade Barranco do Vale, a tasty bit of the Algarve

by  |  23-09-2022

I’m in something of a bind. I’ve been seeing the points awarded by some lately and wondering where on earth they’re coming from? Obviously, it’s a highly subjective field, but at the same time, there... more »

Quinta do Vallado, excellence in the modern Port department

by  |  09-09-2022

It really surprises me as to the popularity of Port and how this doesn’t carry over to Sherry. Sure, there are about five different types of dry Sherry and there are in fact two branches... more »

The 2022 vintage so far: Iberia and its northeast

by  |  05-08-2022

I’m usually quite loathe to talk about a vintage in progress unless there’s been some kind of major event such as the mildew insanity of 2020. Unknowns are a plenty and the knowns far and... more »

The Vinha Centenária of Quinta Nova

by  |  29-04-2022

I’ve enjoyed getting to know the Douro Valley more in recent years, especially in following the evolution of Quinta Nova. A producer of both fine dry wines as well as Ports, it was through a... more »
Photo from Falua

A taste of Tejo through Falua’s Conde Vimioso

by  |  14-03-2022

Portugal doesn’t lack for wine excitement these days. That’s impressive given that it’s a relatively small size on the Iberian Peninsula and small islands in the Atlantic. Big things come in small packages however as... more »

A Portugal Vineyards selection II

by  |  18-01-2022

If you’re like me (and if you’re reading this, you probably are), then you can’t get enough Portuguese wine in your life. Give that, I present you with Round II of this select tasting from... more »

In The Glass: Diana V. Silva – Ilha Tinta Negra 2018

by  |  15-12-2021

There are two things that connect me with the Portuguese island of Madeira. The first is familial as my great-grandmother was from there. Like any rootless Caucasian American I suppose that gives me some kind... more »