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In The Glass: Niepoort Nat’cool Tinto 2017

by  |  13-04-2020 ~ 5 Comments

While the Niepoort name had piqued interest to buy this wine online, once it arrived, the presentation was a bit perplexing. The one liter bottle format was solid and welcome (Elisabeta Foradori does a similar... more »

Woe be the soul who must memorize declared years of Vintage Ports

by  |  13-03-2020

A less glamorous aspect of advanced wine studies–especially when it comes to the of the Court of Master Sommeliers–is the requirement to have at the ready, all the years where Vintage Ports were declared. “Oh... more »

A hop across the Douro: Quinta de Tourais

by  |  02-03-2020

When heading to the Douro Valley for The New Douro tasting last year, I came across a little hotel called, Original Douro Hotel in Peso da Régua. It was a touch more expensive than some... more »

A bit of the pre-Douro: Niepoort – Diálogo Tinto 2015

by  |  03-06-2019

Today I find myself freshly arrived in the Douro Valley, apparently slipping in on the end of a mini heatwave. The last time I came here, I ended up driving through rampant forest fires. This... more »
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A smattering of Portuguese wines

by  |  24-04-2017

All my British acquaintances seem to possess an uncanny ability to deride something in its entirety using one sentence or less. A former work colleague summed up Portugal as, “That shitty little scrap of land... more »

Tasting four decades

by  |  21-01-2017

It’s a fun stunt to try and taste the decades of your life via bottles of wine. As one gets older, it becomes ever more difficult as the older wines get more scarce, somewhat giving... more »
A warehouse is beautiful once full of wine

Vins Nus, Simplesmente Vinho, & the search for a tolerable Spanish wine fair

by  |  08-03-2016

I have bitched mightily in the past about how patently horrible wine fairs are in Spain. This however is not a continuation of this series as I attended the Vins Nus fair last Sunday and... more »